Changes NMC implemented on 27 May 2023
01 Apr 2024
NMC making changes to the system this weekend that means from next week, NMC will: :
  • Accept supporting information from employers for people who miss the required test score in one language domain only by no more than 0.5 in IELTS or half a grade in OET
  • Have fully automated the process of accepting supporting information from employers. This is for both applicants who trained in English in a country where English is not a majority-spoken language and applicants who just miss the required test score.
  • NMC now manages this process through NMC Online to give us assurance of the authenticity of the information.
  • Applicants will be able to find out how to submit supporting information from employers by logging into NMC Online. NMC knows some applicants have already sent us supporting information from employers using the previous manual process. Those applicants do not need to do anything different – their applications will continue.